The Nutritional Facts

So WHY should you buy my protein cakes and snacks? How are they different from everything else out there?

1. WHY?

Below you can see a nutritional values comparison between products on the market and Claudia’s Kitchen’s. Don’t forget that these graphs don’t take the presence of preservatives into account (which you will NOT find in my products) and that the fats in my products are good fats.

** Comparison with Creamy Wonder

Every product from my range is guaranteed to be:

Fresh – for this reasons you will see they don’t have a long shelf life

Home-made – with lots of love :)

Delicious – but less sweet than conventional sweets of course

Nutritious – I only use ingredients that are good for you, and they also are mostly organic, so you get the full benefits of natural products – i.e. no sugar, wheat, corn starch, corn syrup, butter, preservatives, additives, GM ingredients, artificial sweeteners or any of the commonly used processed ingredients.

Amazing in nutritional values (i.e. REALLY high in protein and LOW in carbs ,not like the other products)– have a look and compare them with regular cakes. What can you see different? Lots of protein, very few carbs, no sugar (zero refined sugar, only natural ingredients make it into my products) and lots of good fats (those that our body desperately needs to function well).

Great to help Weight Loss, Beautiful Skin and Lower Cholesterol – due to the good fats, the beautifully natural, wholesome, superfood ingredients and the nutritionally balanced profile (beauty comes from what you eat!).

• Low GI – thanks to the goodness of the ingredients used (Tip: this means no insulin spikes!).

100% guilt free!! – For all of the above, these products actually make you feel good – psychologically but above all physically thanks to all the goodness inside them.



Regular cakes are made with ingredients that are really not good for you – think sugar, that on its own says it all. Often they are also made with chemicals, modified, fortified, processed, genetically modified,  and all sorts of poor ingredients which are very detrimental to your health. That’s not all. Sugar creates addiction, which means the more you eat the more you crave it; it’s an endless circle. These cakes will also leave you feeling very heavy after eating them and will give you insulin spikes (i.e. that sluggish feeling kicking in a while after eating them) sounds familiar?


All of the protein snacks I came across have a few problems:

1. They are not fresh – think pre-packaged protein bars, they all have a pretty long shelf life, hence preservatives and chemicals.
2. They are very often not healthy at all – if you look at the ingredients you will notice a very long list, most of which is things you can’t even pronounce (not a good sign) and others which are more commonly known as unhealthy (sugar, sweeteners etc.).


These products are generally good for you as are made with nice natural ingredients, but unfortunately they are not high in protein content, which means that although healthy they are still very heavy in carbohydrates content and – albeit natural – sugars.

Raise your hand if you are still unclear about what this revolution is all about!