Never eat carbs alone!



So here’s a little trick to help you lose weight and that much hated excess body fat!

Never eat carbohydrates on their own.

Why? Very simple.

Easting carbohydrates releases glucose (sugar) into our bloodstream


as our body isn’t able to manage glucose on its own, the insulin hormone is raised to convert glucose into energy.

The more carbohydrates you eat, the more glucose gets into your system, the more insulin is produced


Why does this matter?


Because first of all if you make overeating carbohydrates a habit you could easily become insulin resistant, develop a range of illnesses such as obesity, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes type 2 (but that’s not the object of this post!), and secondly because

the glucose in excess (that your body doesn’t need for energy) is stored as FAT




If you pair carbohydrates with protein


the spike in glucose will be much lower, which also mean that you will:


  • feel fuller for longer
  • experience no sugar crash (i.e. feeling sluggish after that 3pm donut – yes that nicely glazed one you just ate)
  • and


not store FAT! (subject to amount of carbs eaten of course :) )


Remember that the amount of carbohydrate that your body needs depends on a number of factors, but probably the most important one is how active you are.

So the key takeaway here is:

especially if you are trying to drop body fat, always pair carbohydrates with protein: think fruit and cheese/yogurt/milk for example, or nuts if you are vegan :)