Experiment: coffe and fitness ☕️💪🏻

coffee gym


As many of you know I love doing little experiments, both in the kitchen and on myself.

So this week, having had some troubles sleeping recently, I have been going completely caffeine free. Not even one small cup in the morning, ZERO.

So yes, if you love coffee and are used to the caffeine kick as soon as you are awake (or at any other time of day for that matter) I won’t lie to you:

It’s going to be tough. Really tough.

The conclusion?

Sadly, my sleep hasn’t improved, but! I have made some interesting discoveries along the way.

  1. In my search for coffee substitutes I discovered that guarana‘s (a lovely Brazilian plant) seeds  have got caffeine in it, and not just a little, but double the amount of coffee seeds. I was like :-O Especially as I had guarana infusions in the past thinking they were caffeine free. Oh well. Better late than ever. So if you are looking for natural coffee substitutes which are completely caffeine free, you will have to stick to herbal teas (Liquorice is my favourite) (no green tea though!!) or barley mixes, which actually taste quite similar to coffee but without any caffeine. Oh and decaf coffee of course, although that’s not completely natural
  2. Effects of coffee on workouts: WOW. I knew this already but I guess I never paid much attention until now that I have gone caffeine free for a week. 1 cup of coffee about 1 hour before I hit the gym made my workout WAY better, both from a cardio and weights lifting perspective: double the energy, double the strength. A natural booster! (and I hadn’t slept much, imagine what I can do when I sleep 😉 )

Not bad for a 1 week experiment!

Next, onto improving my sleep pattern.

Did you know this already? I’d love to hear about your little experiments too, as I am sure there’s loads of other crazy ‘chemists’ just like me :)