Premier Training International Career Expo – 17th Sept

Here we are again delightfully invited at a great event where 45 young people all became qualified to become Personal Trainers!

Always ready to feed the healthy minded people :)

Just a few shots for you to enjoy a bit of that cozy athletic atmosphere..


Oh do our snacks love the spotlight!

thumb_IMG_0738_1024  thumb_IMG_0739_1024  thumb_IMG_0737_1024

That’s us!!


Whose biceps is bigger?? Ehmmmmmm


Thank you Premier Training we’ll see you at the next one!!

When Art meets cake… Part 2!!

Oh well, what a weekend!!

I’ve never felt more inspired..paintings, live performances, installations and so much more!! Ever so grateful to Chrom Art for inviting Claudia’s Kitchen to this beautiful event.

Here’s a few moments in pictures for those of you who couldn’t make it :)

Where we were on day 1 and 2..

IMG_0600   IMG_0601

..and on day 3!

IMG_0602  IMG_0579

Our lovelies in all their beauty and health! At the end of day 3 there were NONE left!!!


IMG_0607  IMG_0608


IMG_0605   IMG_0606


IMG_0603   IMG_0604

Check out what these spectacular artists created – isn’t it soooo inspiring?!

IMG_0576  IMG_0565


IMG_0572  IMG_0562

As usual, we made some good friends along the way! ^__^

IMG_0570 IMG_0571  IMG_0568 IMG_0569

And we had a winner!!


Uh he looks excited 😉


Thank you Chrom Art for inviting us!

See you at the next event :)

Let’s get active!

I will never get bored of saying how important it is to get active, and here is a brand new concept that makes it even easier to do so!

Active Points concept is simple: earn points for each recorded gym visit or sports activity!

There are 2 simple options:

1) Link your gym card to automatically track your gym visits

If you are a member of a participating gym you are entitled to free membership to Active Points

2) Join the Personal Trainer or Home Fitness rewards programme

As a client of one of Active Points Personal Trainers or even if you just keep fit at home you can earn Active Points each time you complete a class or work out session or just go for a walk in the park! Simply record your activity using one of the selected activity trackers and earn points – it can be your activity device or Active Points online activity tracker!

It’s so genius that we have now partnered with Active Points – so you can redeem your points for Claudia’s Kitchen discounts!!

Be Active, Be Rewarded, Eat Cake and Stay Slim :)

active points

When Art meets cake… 🎨🍰🎨🍰

I am so excited to announce our brand new partnership with ChromArtOrg (, a great enterprise that helps talented unrepresented artists have a sustainable career in the arts by providing free promotion and affordable showcasing opportunities.

Their next Alternative Art Festival is called #TRIBE15 (Exploring the meaning of Belonging) -a family friendly immersive, interactive experience involving art sale, live street-art, performances, installations, music and dance.


And we’ll be there with our delicious treats!!  🍰🍰🍰🍰

When: 4-6 September 2015
Where: 47/49 Tanner Street, London SE1 3PL, ideally located close to Tower Bridge and City Hall
Cost: Free!!

Circa 100 participating artists from all over the World
Meeting and buying original art directly from the 50 of the hottest emerging artists
12,000 sq feet venue in Central London
3 floors packed with Art, music and performances
Kids room & Food court
Free entrance

· Performances include shows by IthacaAudio ( and LiveButoh dance company ( both presenting new material in the event.
· 6 renowned international street artists (Amara por Dios, Zabou, Annatomix, Sr.X, Daniel Dalopo and Marc Craig) will be painting live throughout the event, collaborating on a wall about the past, present, and future of mankind.
· Guest Artist: Jim Vision. International street artist, key figure in the London street art scene, arts community champion and Meeting Of Styles UK organiser.
· A number of national and international DJs will be curating special soundtracks for the event, playing live and streaming outside the venue.
· The kids room will be run by Psychodoodlz collective, that will be engaging all children to create a 5m long multicolour mural.
· 15 stall food court with fresh, delicious food from independent retailers.


FitPro 2015!

What an amazing event..the biggest Europe Fitness event, and Claudia’s Kitchen was there!

This is how it happened…

1!  The Preparation…

Featuring bananicious, oats fix and lots of lovely bags of fresh, natural, protein cakes

IMG_0071 prep00 prep1 thumb_IMG_9929_1024

2! The Stand…

It took a while but we definitely had the most colourful stand out of everyone’s!

standdd ssss

and yum yum products 😛

stand1  products t

3! You could not miss Claudia’s Kitchen Team..

4divided  4

Black or White?!

trio white trio black

Claudia’s Kitchen Girlz…

IMG_0072 IMG_0075

…and Boyz! (yep they had lots of muscle building cakes :) )


And finally, this is me :)


4! Last but not least, our super competition!

The prize..


Day 1 winner: Caroline!


Day 2 winner: Tracy!


Thank you everyone for making this such a wonderful experience, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!!

Stay tuned for more updates :)