Author: Claudia

Experiment: coffe and fitness ☕️💪🏻

  As many of you know I love doing little experiments, both in the kitchen and on myself. So this week, having had some troubles sleeping recently, I have been going completely caffeine free. Not even one small cup in the morning, ZERO. So yes, if you love coffee and are used to the caffeine […]

Charity Spinning Marathon – 10th April

We had such a terrific time and managed to raise a nice amount of money for the Butterfly project – all burning tons of calories!! Here’s the day in pictures – enjoy Meet & Greet    For Sale today!    The calm before the storm…   Some serious sweat going on in the studio.. Go Lucaaaaaaaa […]

🌈My colourful interview at Colourful Radio 🌈

Last 27 January I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the amazing Sonia Poleon at Colourful Radio – in case you missed it here’s the podcast – and a few pictures to tell a bit of the story of me in the studio.. was it very obvious I had not been on the radio before?! As […]

A martial arts week at Urban Kings Gym 💪🏻

And so it came to an end.. what a week!! Bananicious and Oats Fix have been the unrivalled stars of this past week at Urban Kings Gym – London’s premier MMA gym and specialist training facility. Here’s the week in pictures.. which I think count more than a 1,000 words But if you missed it, don’t panic!! […]

Vanilla Almond Protein Cheesecake

    Who said that cakes should only be considered as treats? If you thought that cakes were bad for you and that you should stay away if your goal is to lose weight, think again! Here’s one of my favourite recipes, delicious, very easy to make and 100% a crowd pleaser. Oh and absolutely […]

Never eat carbs alone!

  So here’s a little trick to help you lose weight and that much hated excess body fat! Never eat carbohydrates on their own. Why? Very simple. Easting carbohydrates releases glucose (sugar) into our bloodstream as our body isn’t able to manage glucose on its own, the insulin hormone is raised to convert glucose into energy. The more […]

🎄🎅🏽💪🏻Mini Christmas workout!💪🏻🎄🎅🏽

  Here we are again.. Merry Christmas!!! A very brief post to help you burn off some of that delicious Christmas lunch  😋 And yes we didn’t have 2 Santa’s hats so I had to use bunny ears … 😅🐰😂 So here it is, enjoy!! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 3x 20 burpees 20 push ups 20 squat and […]

How to stay fit (or get fit!) in the run up to Christmas

It’s that time of the year again, oh yes and one of my favourite too.. I can’t help it but I am madly in love with the Christmas atmosphere (ho ho ho!) It might have something to do with releasing the inner child in me But with the Christmas atmosphere here come the calories! And we […]

The Best Christmas Gifts for 2015

I am soon excited to finally announce that we now have our beautiful Christmas Range!! Sorry it took a bit longer but it is definitely worth it Struggling to find the perfect present this year? Looking for something different than the usual gifts, that will not get recycled and is guaranteed to make everyone (especially […]

Christmas Fair and Brand New Christmas Range!

      Our brand new #Christmas range will be launched this Sunday 6th December at Barmouth Kitchen !! 11am-3pm, 2 Barmouth Road, Wandsworth, SW18 2DN See you there