About Claudia’s Kitchen


Who’s behind Claudia’s Kitchen? Claudia of course 😉 And a little more..

It all started a few years ago, when my longstanding passion for baking crashed into my ever growing desire of “fitness perfection” (there is no such a thing by the way ;))

Let me explain further.. ever since I was born I have always had the BIGGEST sweet tooth ever. And I mean it. No day went by without me having cake. Having always been a sporty type I somehow managed not to get excessively overweight (some might say otherwise though :)). So I was living not-so-fit-but-not-complaining until I moved to London (sorry guys I should have mentioned I am Italian – yep 100% pizza e mandolino :))

I suddenly found myself completely embracing the very full on London culture, going to the gym everyday, no rest for the wary and so forth – but then I wanted more. I wanted to be in the best shape of my life. A friend of mine introduced me to his trainer who he deemed being the best in her field – so I gave it a go, and –oh! – how little did I know she would have completely changed my life forever (that’s a bit melodramatic, shall we say for a good period of time for now). The very first thing she made me do was to write a food diary. What? Yes – every single bite or sip you have in your day, please log it. And there it went the complete, devastating, excruciating embarrassment of her going –Oh my Lord what a sweet tooth you are! And sooo many carbs!!– Turns out, even when I was thinking I was eating healthy and limiting my sugar intake, I really wasn’t.

So here is when the life changing process begins – I completely changed my diet (and my workouts too yes that helped) – and the results didn’t delay much. I became stronger, healthier, looked better and, above all, felt much better too. After completely giving up sugar for a whole month (believe me, for a sugar addict like I was, that’s hard) I managed to give up my addiction and started to realise what effects sugar had on my brain.

But was I completely satisfied? Of course not.

I still wanted to eat cake – after all, a life without cake is not worth living right? (so lame but so true) Nothing on the market could satisfy both my healthy side with my quite picky one. So what did I do – I started experimenting!! I then started creating treats without the fats and sugars that are packed into modern day foods.OK the first attempts weren’t so successful, but after very very very many attempts I thought – Hey, these cakes are pretty good! And here we are :).

I want to share the amazingness with everyone, these products are delicious and are good for you – I mean – really good!! No matter who you are, what you do or what you like, you are bound to find the perfect fit in my range and once you tried.. well I hope you’ll agree with me, this is a Baking Revolution!!!